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Founded by the team that developed the core technology behind Siri, Ascend is the first AI-powered conversion rate optimisation solution. Giving you the ability to automatically test copy, layout, image, design, colour, interaction and more rather than traditional A/B testing. Graymatter are proud to be a UK Authorised Partner of Ascend.

How does it work?

Individual pages in your funnel influence each other. Ascend, uniquely, allows you to simultaneously trail thousands of combinations across multiple pages. That means finding not just ideas that resonate with your customers but holistic experiences that convert at far higher rates.

The benefits:

Simultaneous testing:

Other CRO solutions require you to utilise costly data science or statistics resources. Ascend easily designs and simultaneously test dozens of individual optimisations while the AI statistically determines which design is best.

Speed to results:

The more ideas you test, the faster Ascend is compared to existing tools. Completing this level of testing using current tools would take years. With Ascend you can test dozens of ideas, which might represent tens of thousands of potential designs, in the span of weeks.

End-to-end test automation:

Other CRO solutions require a significant investment of time and resources for test management. Ascend handles all the staging and management of testing of multiple ideas, to deliver the winning design at the end.

Less time, less traffic and less

Because Ascend uses a different branch of statistics, you can do more than with conventional A/B testing or multivariate CRO tools.

Ability to test
multi-page funnels:

Most other CRO solutions lack this ability. For some companies, this is as important as the ability to test dozens of combinations.


With Ascend you never need to stop your experiment. Using thousands of potential combinations Ascend can cycle through more and more generations meaning it’s constantly finding better designs.

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Integrated marketing is about consistency of message. Using AI is just one way your brand can engage with us at Graymatter, with experts in brand, digital, data and marketing all under one roof not only can you be secure in the knowledge your message will hit home irrespective of channel, you’ll also benefit from a breadth of knowledge and efficiencies that will save you time and stress.

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